Celebrating the Intricacy of Ikat

Celebrating the Intricacy of Ikat

The hallmark of Indian artistic excellence is best reflected in the crafts of India. The crafts of the culture of India are undeniably charismatic, unique, and sublime. Every handcraft has a deep-rooted history attached to it. Among many others, you’ll find yourself getting mesmerized by the intricacy of Ikat.

Ikat craft exudes a symphony of divine details which are hand imprinted by the brilliant craftsmen of India. It is a perfect balance of labor, passion, creativity, and subtlety. Ikat has heartily made its way into the wardrobes of both men and women, in one form or the other. Even though it is created using the resist tie & dye technique, yet it is quite distinctive from other crafts that are done using tie & dye. In this, the yarns are dyed and not the fabric. The dyed yarns are then used to create the pattern on the fabric which is why you’ll see similar patterns on both sides of the fabric. It is performed in three ways, that is, with wrap, weft and then double ikat which is done using both the warp and weft and is the most difficult form of Ikat.

Double Ikat is also the most expensive and intricately detailed form of Ikat prints due to the extensive labor and time that goes into creating it. This form of weaving requires the most skill for precise patterns to be woven and is considered the premium form of ikat.

At Fabfonde, a brand that is home to Indian crafts and culture, you’ll find an extensive collection of women’s ethnic wear. Among many crafts, you can also find a range of Ikat sarees and unstitched suits which are a labor of love and passion of the weavers and the artisans.

Every apparel at Fabfonde carries with itself a beautiful story that the artisans have told through the threads of care and craft. The same is reflected in our collection of IKat ethnic wear.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites from the Ikat ethnic wear collection for women which we are sure will infuse an essence of handcrafted tradition into your wardrobe.

Ikat Sarees

Sarees are undoubtedly the most elegant attire any woman could own. And if it’s a handloom saree then there is nothing like it. From the hands of the masterweavers from different parts of India, we bring to you our exquisitely crafted collection of Ikat sarees which are a perfect amalgamation of traditional crafts and modern comfort. Perfect for the women of today who exude confidence with their actions and achieve whatever they set their heart on. Whatever the occasion may be, you can look ethereal in our collection of Ikat sarees. Be it a meeting or a presentation which you have worked really hard for or a dinner get-together planned with your family to spend some quality time, our Ikat sarees will not let you get disheartened. They’ll add an essence of sublime confidence and beauty to your already fabulous personality!


Ikat Unstitched Suit Fabrics

Get your ethnic suit tailor-made according to your style and comfort from our collection of Ikat suit fabrics. Let the handloom weaves of Ikat take you on a regal yet authentic journey of immersive tradition and culture. Adorning an Ikat suit is an experience that is beyond extraordinary. It makes you feel connected to the deep-rooted history of India. Every suit fabric is crafted to perfection and is a result of days of hard work and diligence of the artisans of India. Find an extensive range in various patterns, and shades and take your pick to invite comfort and class into your ethnic trousseau.