Hand-Block Cotton Sarees


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89 products

The process of printing fabrics is an adornment technique, this technique is widely spread in the textile industry. Hand block printing is a technique by which the planned designs or patterns are first carved on a wooden block, then covered with ink or dye and finally stamped on sarees or fabrics. Mostly wooden blocks are used for ease of carving intricate patterns and floral designs. Rajasthan state (Jaipur region) is the main Hand Block printing center in India. Some notable regions for hand-block print sarees are Rajasthan and Gujarat in India.

Hand-block print sarees are sarees that are printed using wooden blocks. The blocks are carved with the desired design, and then ink is applied to the block and pressed onto the fabric. This printing method is considered a traditional and artisanal way of creating patterns and designs on sarees. These sarees are known for their unique and intricate designs and are often considered works of art. Fabfonde has a popular collection for saree enthusiasts and our hand-block cotton sarees are considered a must-have in any saree collection.