Ikkat Saree


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35 products

35 products

Fabfonde’s new collection of Ikkat silk saree and ikkat Pattu saree with die and tie method of bleaching and weaving gives it elegant look. The new top design of the ikkat saree gives it a more fashionable look that enhances your wardrobe quality. Chandana ikkat weaves and handprint methods with some Gota Patti works make you more comfortable in your skin. Easy to handle and washable in minimal time. Ikkat silk cotton and silk half Pattu sarees in both heavy and light designs as the customer desire. These are the best online-selling sarees on the Fabfonde website at a Low price. Mixed silk and cotton sarees are two-in-one saree that gives a Strength and Glossy look at the same time.

Basically, the Ikkat print is a form of tie and dye art that creates these gorgeous sarees. This technique seems a simple little design on the fabric but is a very complex style of weaving that has been mastered by Indian artisans through the ages. The artisans weave the dyed threads on cotton or silk fabrics, this gives it a unique indigenous look that is a blend of both traditional and contemporary. Shopping for Ikkat sarees is now easy and authentic from Fabfonde. The vibrant fusion of colours goes very well with the ikkat sarees. Shop online from Fabfonde for Ikkat silk sarees and embrace the love for silk.