Every Ensemble is Waiting For - Chanderi Suits

Every Ensemble is Waiting For - Chanderi Suits

Chanderi suits are something which every lady must have in their closets as they are conventional and nowadays they are at peak in popularity. This type of silk is called at the name of a small place Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, according to the old stories and histories, Lord Krishna's cousin Shishupala established this material. Its quality itself makes this fabric worth owning. This imperial fabric makes you stand out from the crowd on your special occasions.

This fabric is known for its specialty in fine-textured silk and cotton embellished with zari woven work, that is the reason it is among the famous handloom clusters. This place produces Pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and silk cotton.

Chanderi fabric is created by weaving golden zari and silk in cotton yarn, which gives this fabric a shimmering-like texture. Chanderi silk fabric is famous for its fine appearance, transparency, and great work in patterns and designs. The buttis and motifs on Chanderi fabric are primarily handwoven on the handloom with needles.

Designing of Chanderi Suits

The best thing about unstitched suits is that you can design them on your own. Longer sleeves or shorter, deeper neck or higher, longer length or up to the knee it's upon you. Below are some options for designing your Chanderi unstitched suit:


Choose the Right Length

The look of the person can be affected by the length of its kurta also. It would be best to keep the length of the kurta above the knee if you choose Salwars such as Patiala, straight, or Afghani. It would be odd to wear a longer kurta with these Salwars. You can customize unstitched cotton salwar suits and dupattas according to your measurements if you have bought them unstitched. But if you are choosing pants then you can go for a longer kurta also. 


Sleeve Length

It is becoming increasingly popular to wear long sleeves these days, but there are several important factors you should consider before choosing a long-sleeved garment. If you are bulky or have thin arms, a sleeveless kurta would not be a good choice.


Don't forget the Lining

In order to make the kurta look right, the lining should be perfect. The slip stitch can even be concealed so that it never appears and doesn't make you feel self-conscious. Linings have three main purposes: they enhance the wearer's comfort; they preserve the shape of the garment or give it body, and they conceal details of construction and raw edges of the fabric, thus giving the garment's inside a finished appearance. The quality of a garment is usually enhanced by neatly applied linings.


Choose Colors Wisely

Your overall appearance is also affected by the color of your salwar suit. Darker colors such as black, green, blue, or maroon would be best if you want to look slim. If you are looking for slim shades, pastel colors like peach, soft green, or aqua is perfect.


Style Yourself Right

Unstitched Chanderi suits are available in a wide variety of styles these days, and there is no shortage of options to choose from. There are several designs to choose from, including A-line, Chinese, asymmetrical, among others. You can choose the style that looks the best on you depending on your height, current trend, and body shape.