Sanganeri Bedsheets – The Charm Of Our Rooms

Sanganeri Bedsheets – The Charm Of Our Rooms

Earlier bedsheets and duvets came as white plain and boring but now there are so many different types of prints and beautiful colored sheets available in the market. One such is Sanganeri Print which comes from the Rajasthan town name ‘Sanganer’.


Depicting the cultures straight from the state, these Sanganeri prints have become hugely popular due to them being primarily used in Rajputana Kings rooms.  


Flowery Printed Bedsheets


Flowery prints are by far the most vastly used in every product we can think of and Bedsheets comes as no exception. These flower prints hold extraordinary worth when we consider seeking them as Sanganeri. With the blend of cultures, the varied types of flowers are used including Lotus, Rose, Lily, Gainda, and Sunflower.


These flowers are carefully printed with the stems, leaves, and sometimes decorated in Jals, coordinated with the different color palette and intrinsic designs. The drafting of these complex shapes is also many times complemented with Buti's work by master craftsmen.



Mandala Printed Bedsheets


Mandala Art has become hugely popular for its design and for the value it holds in our culture. Circular art is the symbol of Hindu and Buddhist culture and a symbol that represents the whole of the universe. We have seen those artistic chakras in yoga studios, dream catchers, and as a piece of healing art that people look up to. The Mandala art has also enveloped bedsheets popularly with its detailed designs and matching floral leaf motifs.


The cascading patterns of Sanganeri mandala print reflect the vibe and interiors of the room. The Mandala prints create a soothing atmosphere with their textures and layers of intrinsic art within the rooms. Just like they are sacred creations in Buddhism for peace and enlightenment of mind, the same circles on bedsheets can heal our mind with its beauty.



The Buti Printed Bedsheets


These Buti prints are very versatile, be it the fabrics or bedsheets. They look very wonderful in rustic as well as modern interior settings. The Buti prints are known for their globally approved print and have been accepted as a veteran among all the other prints available.


Perfecting oozing the feel of ethnicity, cultures, traditions, and colors the Buti printed Sanganeri printed bedsheets are very preferable in the interior markets. The Buti prints are delicate flower or leaf motifs creatively printed upon bedsheets to give the simplistic look and feel to your interiors.


Wrapping Up


Bedsheets are undeniable a necessity that keeps a room looking refreshed. And Sanganeri Prints have become the vivacious beauty that is something to behold. Check out the varieties in Sanganeri Printed Bedsheets from your favorite store Fabfonde