The Soft Elegant Weave of Organza Sarees: How to Drape Them to Look Chic

The Soft Elegant Weave of Organza Sarees: How to Drape Them to Look Chic

Isn’t an Indian woman’s wardrobe incomplete without a saree? Well, present day’s hot choice, organza silk sarees are a brilliant treat to the eyes of fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts. The soft pastels with floral prints and cutworks are a rage among saree lovers and every woman wants to grab at least one of these dazzling elegant pieces for their closet.

The organza fabrics reflect the gorgeous talent and glory of Indian knits and their creators into modern traditions. Organzas are sheer, translucent and lightweight textiles, made out of silk threads. The textile traveled from China to India, where it was developed and adopted into sarees. The organza sarees are an ensemble of fine silk threads made into crisp, subtle, sheen and ethereal looking Indian drapes.

Styling Tips

One has endless possibilities to explore with these elegant drapes. Find out how to curate the perfect designer look for your saree in this blog:

  • Find a blouse to complement the color of your saree. You can choose a contrasting color or a printed blouse to create a delectable impact.  Else you can match it with a similar or same tone for a classy look.
  • Majority of Organzas have detailed embroidery work, beads, cutworks or floral prints. The saree looks the best with minimalistic embellishments. Use lightweight accessories and beaded jewelry pieces and let the beauty of saree radiate. The key is to select the accessories that do not overpower the saree’s elegant character. Wear statement earrings with bold colors and intricate details to stand out.
  • Sarees look great with bangles. Add a little elegance to your look with pearl, bead, metal or oxidized metal bangles.                 
  • Explore styling your organza saree with different draping styles and give it an exclusive twist. Try to wear it in Bengali and Gujarati styles or find a complimenting belt and tie around your mid-waist after draping the saree. Put fusion drapes to use, to create a contemporary look. 
  • For hair styling with your beautiful organza silk saree, pick Updos, French braids, perms or loose waves for an urban stylish feel.

For Updos, pick the right elevated hairstyle based on occasions and events. A sleek bun is an ever so classic combination with any saree; style it with messy hair for an effortless look.  If you like it bouncy, consider side-swept hair curls or soft curls.

  • When it comes to footwear, look for heels or wedges but remember to wear a comfortable pair to stay stylish.

Ideal Occasions to Wear

Sarees in organza are the most versatile. You can dress them casually or formally. You can wear them to work as well as family events.

Organzas have been a hit for weddings, receptions, celebration dinners, and awards shows lately. It's perfect for cocktail parties and dinner parties too. In addition to enhancing the overall look, its delicate appearance adds an element of glamor and luxury.


You've got to pay attention to details when you want to spice up your drape. Choose whether you want to look traditional or contemporary. Conjure the look for your expression by working on accessories, hair, and makeup. Choose bold eyes or lips for makeup, whatever frames your face to make you look beautiful and confident.

Organza silk sarees range from beautiful designs to cutwork and magnificent embroidery work. From casual to heavy-bordered sarees, they have got it all. This is a perfect sumptuous summer wrap that can be personalized with your favorite colors and patterns. 

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