Vintage Indian sarees that every woman must have in their closet

Vintage Indian sarees that every woman must have in their closet

India is a home of culture and tradition where modifications come as evolutions and experiments come into existence. Everything can be changed in India but the Indian saree and love for traditional sarees of women remain constant no matter what their age or what is their culture. 

Saree is a 6-yard long attire that is draped around the body in a versatile way to look gorgeous every time. The astounding part of wearing a saree is its tempting designs and immense fusions that make you 1000 times more beautiful. 

In India, every woman loves to wear a saree whether they are at home, office or need to attend the party.  They prefer to wear a saree every time to look more glitzy and flourish their  beauty 

The surreal Banarasi saree 

Banarasi saree have their own legacy and embarkment on every Indian closet to enhance the beauty of our Indian babes.  

Banarasi saree is the best gift that we receive from our ancestors and it is deliberately passed on to our future generations. The purity and piousness in each sacred thread make it more astonishing when women wear it.

Banarasi silk saree is the perfect choice for a special occasion such as a wedding or it can be adorned as a bridal as well to look tempting. Every Indian closet is incomplete without these Banarasi silk saree, so this time when you rejuvenate your wardrobe add some opulent sarees for sure to rock the party. 

The enchanting Chiffon saree

Not every time we women want to wear heavy worked saree. Sometimes we want to wear a lightweight saree that looks tempting and enchanting to keep going with the vogue we had maintained. Chiffon saree are ones that are designed with twisted fabric that looks allure in each drape.  

From casual to party wear, chiffon sarees are the best to flourish the beauty that is appreciated by everyone. Chiffon saree is highly preferable because of lightweight work, easy to handle an approach that would help you manage the saree look when you are not in the mood to do something heavy garb. Although you can add on some heavy jewelry and accessories to enhance your look, 

The gorgeous Gota Patti 

From classic to traditional aura, the designer Gota Patti saree is perfect to don to enhance your beauty. Gota Patti sarees are the traditional garb to adorn when it comes to Rajasthani tradition. It signifies the legacy of Rajput’s who are known for their classic attire whether it is saree, suits, or Poshak, they never leave the chance to win the heart of Indian women with their intricate handloom designs that make everyone mesmerized while they look at you. 

With the lapse of time, the evolution takes place in these sarees with experiments such as Zari work and embroidery making the Gota Patti saree more alluring. Every woman must have these sarees in their wardrobe to add serenity to the look. If you want to add the elegance of royalty to your adobe then this attire is perfect to opt for. 

The sizzling Chikankari saree 

Chikankari sarees are adorned from the centuries and the legacy of Lucknow moves forward with us in each drape of Chikankari sarees. These sarees are available in a wide range of variety, designs, and textures that make them more alluring at glance.   

The Chikankari saree is mainly focused on surreal thread work that is evolved and designed in a new and trendy way. Although to add charm to these sarees, Zardori’s work is done on the overall length of the saree that is captivating enough to make everyone seize on you to adore your beauty. 

The best part of wearing these sarees is their lightweight and soft fabric that is perfect for every season or occasion to be the diva of the day. 

The lavishing  linen saree  

The linen is a very famous fabric of Banaras that is enchanting at glance and every thread is weaved with delicateness and perfection. Linen saree tools take a longer time than usual in manufacturing and crafting. 

Women prefer to wear linen saree most of the time because of its highly absorbent capacity against the sweat that makes you feel refreshed in the tight working schedule. Although linen saree is the perfect choice to wear whether you are attending a casual party, office meeting, or planning to impress your in-laws, this saree will rock the look that you want. 

Winding Up

Indian sarees are good to go with every occasion no matter what your age, color, and size, it looks fab on every woman who adorns them. This time wear something different that looks palpable on you and set your own style statement with these Indian sarees that make you more beautiful than before.