Super King Size Bedsheet



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    36 products

    36 products

    Super king-size bed sheets

    Bedsheets are the main factor that makes a bedroom look comfy and cosy. It gives a relaxing vibe to your room and the aura it creates should be of calmness and poise. The Super king-size bedsheets give a good cover to your mattresses making you feel comfortable while you relax and easily release your day-long stress. The prints on these bedsheets are very vibrating and are available in colours that go very well with the furnishing of your room.
    These Super King-Size Bedsheets come with two matching pillow covers. The prints of these bedsheets are uniquely designed in geometric and kalamkari prints with organic colours and handprints.

    Adore your Abode with Fabfonde

    Fabfonde has a collection of Super King-sized Bedsheets that are available for long single beds and double beds. Shop from these authentically crafted collections of bedsheets that are available in all colours to give an elegant look and enhance the beauty of your bedroom. These bed sheets are easily washable and stain-resistant not only this the fabric and the prints are long-lasting. Our bedsheets are pocket-friendly and maintain sophistication providing a very rich and well-maintained appearance to your home.

    All major colours of prints are available in the Fabfonde store from bright flower print to dark hand block prints.